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SFI 39.1 Certified $2999.00




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As of this Fall ISP is the first seat manufacturer to pass the 39.2 seat spec. This seat can be a Standard Stock seat or a Custom Built seat for any style of vehicle. From Sprint Cars to Stock Cars at  a very  sensible price.  

SFI 39.2 Certified $1499.00
   Custom Built Containment Seat


Dirt & Asphalt Custom Built
Containment Packages $1099.00

Smaller Adult & Children Custom Built
Containment Packages
$700.00 to $950.00

Standard Seat Packages
15", 16", 17", 18" & 19"
Starting at $932.00

Most all forms of racing will fall within these package prices



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ISP-1010 Two Piece Lateral Head Support System
Installation Instructions

ISP-1010 Two Piece Lateral Head Support System Installation Instructions
ISP-1015 Three Piece Head Support System
Installation Instructions

ISP-1015 Three Piece Head Support System Installation Instructions
 ISP-1025 Two Piece Lateral Head Support System
Order Form
Order Form ISP-1025 Two Piece Lateral Head Support System
ISP-1026 Two Piece Head Support System
Download ISP 1026 Two Piece Lateral Head Support System
Aluminum Seat Driver Measurement Guide
Order Form
Download ISP Driver Measurement Guide


Innovative Safety Products


Launches Windows Media Video (WMV)

Launches Windows Media Video (WMV)



Welcome to Innovative Safety Products

Made in the USA

Repeated testing is the only way you can improve your race cars performance. ISP's repeated testing and continued product improvements are the only way we can increase driver survivability and comfort. ISP utilizes the best in all aspects of our product design, testing, materials, customer service and pricing. You will not find a better product on the market, our systems are backed with the knowledge gained through 70 dynamic sled tests and several static laboratory tests. The dynamic and static laboratory testing allows comprehensive testing of each component used in an ISP safety system. ISP conducts regular safety seminars to educate race teams and sanctioning bodies, everyone plays an integral part in driver safety. To complete your new safety system or upgrade an existing system we offer a extensive line of head restraints, leg and shoulder supports as well as all complementing hardware. You can depend on ISP to keep you safe and comfortable.

Be wary of products appearing similar to ISP products, all are impostors and have not been engineered or tested to meet the strict quality and performance requirements of ISP systems. ISP utilizes the best energy management to weight ratio of materials available. Laboratory testing has proven you are not safe in seats considered "Light Weight". The minimal amount of weight savings with a lightweight seat system is negligible and not worth the risk. Do not powder coat or weld an ISP seat, multiple heat cycles will reduce the strength of the aluminum by reducing its temper. Furniture foam is still used in the racing seat industry please avoid usage of furniture foam for impact protection.Kris VanGilder with a customer

If you are unable to locate an ISP product to suit your application, please contact me for a consultation.

Please visit the "About ISP" page to learn more about how ISP can save your life.
Thank you for choosing ISP - Kris VanGilder